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A Bite of Love (2006)

A Bite of Love (2006)

Tahun: Durasi: 110 MenitDilihat: 95 просмотров
2 voting, rata-rata 5,3 dari 10

Khao Niao, a young girl, is left at her relatives’ house by her mother, Bee. Although she is surrounded by familiar faces, she still feels very lonely and blames her mother for ‘abandoning’ her here. One day, while wandering around, Khao Niao finds a stray puppy. Thinking that the dog is as lonely as she is, she decides to bring him home even though she knows that her relatives will not like him. This is only the beginning of a journey between Khao Niao and her puppy, Moo Ping. – Written by Ploy P.

Nonton Film A Bite of Love (2006)

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