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Cinta Paling Agung (2015)

Cinta Paling Agung (2015)

Tahun: Durasi: 94 MenitDilihat: 74 просмотров

Cinta Paling Agung is about Khairi (Aaron Aziz) and Amyza (Siti Saleha) who has been married for almost ten years and had a daughter, Hanna. However, their marriage was unhappy and increasingly problematic. Khairi then falls in love with a woman named Dewi (Zaskya) . Because of Dewi, Khairi could decide to divorce his wife. Amyza was shocked by the decision and then decide to agree provided each morning Khairi have to carry her every day for 30 days.

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Tagline:Cinta Paling Agung (2015)
Bahasa:Bahasa melayu

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